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October is Physical Therapy Month!

Physical Therapy is often known for helping individuals recover from injury or surgery, but a Physical Therapist (PT) is an excellent resource for any joint and muscle compliant. PTs are movement specialists dedicated to assessing body movements and strength of all age groups to help prescribe specific exercise, hands on treatment and provide tools through education to help individuals move and perform at their best.

PT to Perform Better

Joint mobility, strength and proper firing patterns of muscles during activity is optimal to remain pain and injury free. Your PT can provide you with a thorough movement assessment to help target areas of improvement to keep you moving effectively. Another way to keep performance at its peak is to diminish post exercise aches and pains through use of manual massage techniques, joint mobilizations and dry needling.

PT to Live Better

Movement and exercise are keys to a healthy lifestyle. Letting stiffness and pain linger can lead to decreased movement, increased pain or injury. Your PT can help you develop an individualized plan to keep your joints moving, muscles strong and movement patterns effective to promote pain free movement with everyday activities.

PT to Get Better

Injury happens to the best of us! When it does it, is important to have a PT on your rehab team. Your PT will know the appropriate way to move and exercise after an injury or surgery to help you get better, while still allowing tissues to heal. Prescribing appropriate exercises and hands on techniques will help you recover from injury, control pain and get you back to the activities you love sooner than later!

The earlier you seek guidance from your PT the better. Contact us now for a consultation for any joint and muscle questions you may have!

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