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Variety and the Adrenaline Difference

Guest post written by Jason Combs, ATC, CSCS:

At Adrenaline Sports and Fitness, we use a multitude of avenues to help our clients achieve their goals. We use combinations of all the modes of exercise mentioned in Dynamic PTW's previous post. Many of our classes will have a main focus for the day like movement, timed, or strength. These will vary with strength exercises, plyometrics, or interval movements. We achieve increased overall cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and muscular endurance by the variety included in our workouts. Our coaches push you to reach your goals and encourage you along the way.

Classes are a blend of high intensity interval training, muscular endurance, muscular strengthening and even aerobic exercise. They vary depending on the day. Our main class types, as mentioned above, include movement, strength, and timed workouts. Each class offers different advantages to training.


A movement day will focus on locomotion of the human body. There is a lot of volume training on this day. A workout might include high reps of an exercise to move the total distance or pushing/pulling a sled or weight. This day can vary as an endurance day or strength day depending on the volume or intensity of the exercises.


Our strength days are what they sound like. The focus is building strength throughout the body. Many of our classes will focus on building fitness and muscular endurance. However, those classes can lead to injury if muscular strength falls to the way side. This day is crucial to maintaining our technique on exercises and ensuring we have full range of motion with our movements.


Timed workouts can be great for any type of workout. This is because the time can always change. We can achieve a long endurance workout, a high intensity workout with lots of rest, or complete a HIIT workout. Truly the options are endless based on the work to rest ratio. These workouts keep variety in our training without losing site of our specific goals.

Our Coaches Make the Difference

Not only does Adrenaline offer great workouts for you to reach your goals but we have amazing coaches to push you to get there. They are very knowledgeable, caring, and hardworking individuals. They will help guide you, encourage you, and support your goals. Coaching is a huge issue lacking in many facilities but here it is one of our biggest strengths.

Check out to learn more about our facility and contact us so we can help you reach your fitness goals for 2021!

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