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Frequently Asked Questions

Why come to Dynamic Physical Therapy and Wellness?

Dynamic PTW provides physical therapy and performance enhancement with a personal touch! We provide one-on-one, quality care that is tailored to YOUR specific needs to help YOU meet YOUR goals. Our hands on and exercise based treatment to help with:

● Relief of aches and pain
● Recover from an injury
● Rehab after a surgery
● Performance enhancement to match your workout needs
● Safely start a workout program or health routine

What type of services do you provide?

Dynamic PTW provides all the same aspects of traditional physical therapy plus so much more!

● Therapeutic exercise
● Manual therapy services
● Integrative Dry Needling
● Injury recovery
● Sport and Fitness recovery

● Dynamic Movement Assessment
● Functional Movement Screen​

Who do we treat at Dynamic PTW?

Anyone from adolescence and older is welcome! We have the tools to help you perform better, live better and get better at any age.

All of our programs are customized to each individual client to improve sports performance, maintain active lifestyle or recover from injury or surgery. ALL ages are welcome at Dynamic PTW. We work with teens in sports and weekend warriors who want to improve performance. Clients at any age may have specific areas in which they need therapy. Some may need therapy to help recover from an injury or surgery while others may just want treatment to help maintain an active lifestyle. 

Do I need a referral from a doctor?

No, you do not need a referral to work with our Physical Therapists at Dynamic PTW.  Although Dynamic PTW welcomes referrals from other healthcare clinicians and very much values the team approach to healthcare, a referral is not required. 

Do you accept health insurance and what form of payment do you accept?

To maintain as much flexibility and individualized treatment as possible, Dynamic PTW is a cash based service and we do not accept any health insurance plans.  We pride ourselves in our one-on-one relationship with our clients without the influence of a third party for client care.  Although Dynamic PTW does not accept health insurance, we can provide a detailed receipt that can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement as applicable.

We do accept cash, credit and debit card payment methods at the time of treatment.  We will also accept payment from HSA or FSA accounts.

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