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Different Sports, Different Goals

What do a runner, a quarterback and a boxer have in common? For starters, they are all athletes working to better themselves at their specific sport of choice. Although they share this commonality, the way in which they train is vastly different. Or at least should be if they want to excel in their given sport…Mobility, strength, balance are common goals across most athletes, but each sport has specific demands and thus require different attributes to be successful. Not only can training across sports look different, additionally various positions within a particular sport may require different training for optimal performance.

Let’s explore…

Some sports require more endurance training i.e. long distance running or cycling. Other sports may be more sprint and power oriented like sprinting in track or short distance swimming. Then there are sports that are more strength directed like powerlifting. And yet most are a combination of skills training for best performance. Soccer requires endurance, strength and stability. Football needs strength, speed, power. The list goes on... Different positions have different demands as well. The quarterback on the football team requires more arm mobility, accuracy and reaction time. Conversely, offensive linemen require strength, power and endurance to keep the QB safe. Knowing that each sport and athlete require different demands for success, sport specific training is so important to set an athlete up for success.

Coaches and Trainers that specialize in strength and conditioning are essential to helping athletes meet their goals and perform at their best. This is someone with specific education and training above and beyond personal experience in athletics or lifting at the high school or collegiate level. They have in-depth knowledge of the demands of each sport and can supplement typical strength, endurance and agility training with more sports specific training. Specialized coaches like pitching coaches or golf pros can help to fine tune motor skills and strength to ensure optimal performance as well. Athletic trainers and physical therapists can also help athletes stay healthy while training to keep them at the top of their game and make sure they don’t miss out on a work out, practice, or game.

Facilities geared toward training athletes that employ coaches and trainers who have specialization is a great option if you’re looking to improve your sports performance. Adrenaline Sports and Fitness has top of the line coaches with strength and conditioning specialities as well as athletic training background to help your athletes reach the top of their training zones. For any recovery or rehabilitation needs, Dynamic Physical Therapy and Wellness is conveniently located inside Adrenaline Sports and Fitness. Come check us out to learn more about how we can help you and how your performance can improve with sport specific training!

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