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What to Expect at Dynamic PTW

What will we do on my first visit?

The first visit typically lasts about an hour with a one-on-one meeting with one of our highly skilled physical therapists. You will discuss areas of focus and personal goals. The physical therapist will perform a thorough assessment of your mobility, strength, and movement to come up with an individualized plan to meet your specific goals. Hands on or exercise based treatment will be provided on the first visit to get you on your way to recovery and wellness.

How many visits will it take to get better?

It depends. Our goal is to give you the tools to get back to the life you want to lead ASAP! On AVERAGE clients will see a physical therapist at Dynamic PTW:

● Visits per week: 1-2 time per week - Individuals will be provided tools to use daily outside of the clinic to supplement treatment.

● Total visits: 4-6 visits


What should I expect?

You should expect to feel empowered to get back to your life, get through that workout, go for that run, take that hike or get back to that game WITHOUT pain, and with better performance. We provide not only treatment to remedy the pain, but provide tools to FIX the underlying problem to promote overall health, give satisfaction with your movement and

prevent future injury.

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